Creating your own Minecraft Skin

When I decided to create my own modpack and upload it to Curseforge I also decided to change my Minecraft avatar. Up until then I used a skin I found on the net, but I wanted something more personal.

After a bit of googling, I found SkinCraft, an awesome Flash-based tool which allows you to build your own skin even if you have no artistic skill whatsoever. Skin Creator allows you to build up your skin layer by layer.

There are various Pre-Made layers for the face (eyes, ears, mouth, etc.), hair, clothing (including jackets, vests, coats, skirts, trousers, shoes, etc.), and accessories. You can change the color of all the components and rearrange them as needed.

Of course you can also draw your own skin by hand. When creating custom components, shows the current skin in the background that you can easily draw over pixel by pixel. The full skin is also always shown in full 3D. Nifty!

The tool allows you to export your new skin as PNG file (which you can then upload to your Mojang account), or as a text file, which allows you to reimport it into SkinCraft if you want to make any changes. Of course you can also import an existing skin and make some changes to it. It’s a really powerful tool. If you are a “serious” Minecraft fan, you really should try your hand at creating your own skin!

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