The Journey Begins

Welcome to Lord Stargazer’s Minecraft Shenanigans. I recently created a Minecraft modpack with my wife called “WolfPack – Technology & Exploration“, which turned out much better than I first thought. It was also the first time I took some care to make sure everything works as it should, making careful changes to various mods’ config files, instead of just throwing a couple of mods together and call it a day.

Since last night the modpack is available from and to my surprise has already been downloaded by a couple of users. Wow! I love to talk about stuff I am excited about, so it’s no surprise I decided to start a blog about my Minecraft shenanigans. At the beginning I’ll probably focus on what I’ve learned about making one’s own modpack and I’ll promote the hell out of WolfPack.

After that we’ll see where the road leads us. I am interested in making my own mods, BUT I don’t know Java and so this might be an uphill battle. I’ve heard there are a few good tutorials around, so there’s that.

Until then, please stay tuned for further updates on WolfPack and my various other ramblings about modded Minecraft.

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