Stargazer Industrial: Upcoming Changes

When I came up with Stargazer Industrial I planned to focus mainly on McJty‘s mods like XNet and RFTools. After playing the pack for a while, I realized that I was missing certain things. There was no ore-doubling, no RF-powered smelting, no special tools. While I love what RFTools offers it doesn’t really help with the early game. I also want to do tech stuff and not worry about mobs all the time. So I am changing the focus from McJty‘s mods to mods I want to learn more about. I also want to add mods that will allow me to play on peaceful.

So here’s what I am planning:

  • More Tech mods
    • EnderIO is another tech mod I love and I am sure XNet and Conduits might work great together
    • Tinker’s Construct is awesome and makes mining so much easier (I love hammers!), so I will probably add TC and a few addons
    • I just tried out Psi for the first time while playing WolfPack and it’s awesome. Building spells is like a game in itself!
    • For power creation I already have Deep Resonance, but that doesn’t mean I can’t also play around with NuclearCraft, so it’s going to be added.
    • OpenComputers is extremely exciting, and it might help with some automation.
    • I am still trying to keep the pack small, but a few additional mods like Chisel, and Inspirations will probably be added.
  • A Peaceful World
    • I am currently looking for various mods that help me with playing on peaceful. I faintly remember that there was a mod that added recipes for mob drops, but I don’t remember the name. I think I’ll have to search for a while…
    • Since I am no huge fan of farming and cooking in Minecraft, I’ll probably don’t add anything that makes hunger a thing in peaceful. There will also be no farming mods.
  • No punching trees
    • Punching trees is the Minecraft trope, but I want to play with cool machines ASAP. I will add a mod that allows me to create a customized starter kit for the player containing all the necessary manuals, a bed, perhaps some kind of satchel, and a set of tools (at least Iron), so that you can immediately start working.
    • Speaking of trees, Dynamic Trees is an interesting mod, which I tried before. Since it had some compatibility issues, I threw it out, but I might give it another try.
  • A few mods will not make the cut
    • Woot doesn’t really make any sense in a peaceful world, so it will be removed
    • The Lost Cities is cool, but it doesn’t really fit the theme of the pack. It’s probably a better fit for WolfPack.

So there are a lot of changes coming to Stargazer Industrial. It will get a bit meatier, and a lot more peaceful. Stay tuned!

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