What I learned while creating a Modpack – Part 1

Creating a modpack can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be. Especially with the Twitch client slapping together a modpack is extremely easy. Create a custom profile, give it a fancy name, pick the version of Minecraft and Forge you want to use. Click create and voilà there’s your modpack.

Ok, it’s still missing a few parts, like mods for example. But we can quickly remedy that. Click on “Get More Content” and you get a searchable list of the mods available on Curseforge.

Installing mods is as easy as clicking on “Install”. Twitch also automatically installs all necessary dependencies. Nifty!

What mods you choose is totally up to you. You can pick mods you enjoyed playing with in other modpacks, or try to follow a certain theme. But I highly recommend reading the descriptions thoroughly. Some mods don’t work well with others, or have known issues you should be aware of before you install them. After you’ve picked a handful of “must-have mods”, you should start the Profile and see if its running. If Minecraft crashes and burns checking the crash log might give you some insights. You can find it in the following folder: \Documents\Curse\Minecraft\Instances\<name of your pack>\crash-reports

If it does not crash, you should create a world and play around with it for a while. I highly recommend playing in Creative first and check if everything you installed is available and working. Fly around a bit and check if all the biomes are being generated correctly. Usually this is also the time when you noticed things like ores which are not spawned in the world, or that multiple mods spawn multiple versions of the same ore. This happens a lot, especially when you’re into tech mods.

Lession learned: Creating a custom modpack is not as hard as it first seemed, but the devil is in the details.

In the next part of this series I’ll recommend a few mods which came in very handy while creating WolfPack. Stay tuned!

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