WolfPack 1.06 and 1.07

Yesterday I uploaded WolfPack 1.06 to CurseForge. Unfortunately I wasn’t really paying attention and a couple of bugs crept in. When creating a server pack, I missed deleting OptiFine from the server’s mod folder. This meant that the server pack was rejected, so I’ll have to upload it again. Bummer. But I’ll probably just wait until 1.07 is ready.

The other issue is that while exporting the modpack I entered the wrong version number. So 1.06 is shown as 1.05 in the Twitch client. This bug is annoying but luckily doesn’t affect gameplay at all.

So, what’s new in 1.06/1.07? I added MystCraft which is a great fit for the exploration aspect of the game. It allows creating new dimensions by crafting special books. I also included Aroma1997’s Dimensional World, because it makes mining so much easier. Construct’s Armory is now also a thing and it’s a lot of fun. Creating an armor is now a much more involved and interesting process.

1.07 will also see the addition of Extra Utilities 2, since it has some great blocks and items which will come in handy with building a mob farm. The new update should be available later today and this time the server pack should also work as promised. Stay tuned!

Update: I totally forgot to mention that I made some changes to the Main Menu and Logo. Check those out below:

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