What I learned while creating a Modpack – Part 2

When creating a new modpack a few mods come in really handy. They are not meant for the players’ enjoyment BUT they help you turning a possible mess into a better “product”. Here are my favorite mods for modpack makers:

  • World Stripper
    Don’t worry, it’s not NSFW. It’s a very handy tool that allows you to remove all stone and dirt from the chunk you’re in with the press of a key. This is very helpful if you want to make sure ore generation works as intended. Personally I used a separate world for this purpose, but theoretically you can use it in a world you intend to play in. As easily as the mod removes block, it can restore everything to normal again. Very handy and a must-have for all modpack creators.
  • UniDict
    It’s not uncommon that several mods add the same kind of ore. Quickly you end up with various kinds of Copper for example, but the copper from mod A doesn’t work with recipes for mod B. UniDict solves this issue and makes the two ores compatible with another. For me it worked pretty much out of the box without even having to mess around with configs.
  • Custom Main Menu and Resource Loader
    You want to create a snazzy custom main menu like you know them from those fancy FTB modpacks? Then CMM is your friend. It has a bit of a learning curve, but there are countless examples available which make things easier. Resource Loader is needed to add textures etc. outside of a resource pack, which is necessary if you want to display a custom logo, buttons or background.
  • Custom Starter Gear
    I really don’t like starting Minecraft by punching trees. Especially if your modpack is supposed to have an engineering focus, you might want to let players start with access to a few tools and probably all the manuals needed. Custom Starter Gear allows you to customize what the players start with.

These are some of the mods I really like as a modpack creator. Is there anything I missed? Please let me know in the comments below!

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